News 04/апр/2017

Please click to read exciting report from Extreme North area!

Reports 04/апр/2017

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Reports 07/фев/2017

Friends please check out part #2 of our report from the North by clicking this link

News 01/фев/2017

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Testimonies 01/фев/2017

Roman Kosterkin is from the nation of Nganasan. Former Alcoholic. As many of indigenous people on Taimyr peninsula. He left tundra and moved to Dudinka - the capital town of the area.

Reports 01/фев/2017

Welcome to Taimyr!

News 31/янв/2017

Do you know that there are 5 groups of people populate Taimyr! Nenets, Nganasans, Dolgans, Enets, and Evenkis.

Reports 26/дек/2016

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News 25/дек/2016

Dudinka boarding school children got their christmas gifts, bibles and concert organized by our missionaries !

Reports 25/дек/2016

Udmurtia - pagan area in Russia with a lot of witchcraft and therefore extreme poverty.